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Breakdown of capital

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We have an exceptionally high number of individual shareholders for a company of our size: over 5,894 who represent 31.1% of capital.

Our means of financial communication were the same as the previous year.

However, the distribution of our capital shifted markedly in favour of French institutional investors who would seem to have led some very deliberate initiatives to build up substantial reserves of Thermador Groupe shares in their “midcaps” holdings.

Thus, their share of our capital rose from 17.3 to 24.9%, and trading on the share over 12 months increased by 44%. At the same time, small private investors’ holdings fell from 36.2 to 31.1% of our capital, and were 8% fewer in number. In 2017, 1,057 new shareholders joined us and 1,573 left (temporarily perhaps...).

Breakdown of shares and voting rights

The figures are from Identifiable Shareholder Data requests made on November 30, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Capital % at 30/11/2017