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Our suppliers

Over 300 manufacturers partner 
throughout the world.

Total purchases in 2017: €171m
(in 2016: €146m, in 2015: €141m)

It is the responsibility of the manager of each subsidiary to choose his suppliers, and to maintain trusting relationships with them through regular contact.

Although some suppliers are common to several subsidiaries, we do not feel it is useful to have a centralised purchasing department for the group. We prefer each subsidiary to focus on its market priorities and ask each to share information about
these “group partners”.


In our relationships with our suppliers, we ensure that we are not too dependent on them due to an excessive percentage of purchases or due to the strategic nature of their supplies. Our n°1 supplier accounts for 9% of the group’s purchases. For strategic equipment, we generally have several suppliers.

Fini Nuair factory in Bologna.