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Sales activity

Training room at Thermador.
56% of our staff, i.e.: Chairman & CEOs, sales managers’, travelling reps and sedentary technical sales personnel, are constantly in contact with our customers, in the field or on the phone.

Some of our customers can receive representatives from several subsidiaries of the Group during the same day, without ever complaining that they’re wasting their time. Our employees are expected to have an in-depth understanding of the product ranges they promote, and therefore be efficient in their work. We have recorded 43,352 visits to 27 179 customers, each producing a follow-up report which is accessible to everyone in each subsidiary. 311 of our customers have visited our Group, and 27 of them the facilities of our industrial partners.

Each week, training courses take place in the field or on our premises, with our teams and our customers. They also consult our websites for easy access to technical information. We counted 6,909,203 pages on those sites in 2017.

Our office-based technical sales teams are also involved by phone, addressing all types of requests in record time: price, availability, aftersales service, technical information…

Some 532,132 calls are received per year.

They work primarily with our paper price catalogues and their 3,097 pages of product references.