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Sourcing and logistics

Transportation cross-departmental meeting.

TNT courier company.

Our purchasing teams are also in the field, paying. 338 visits to our suppliers’ and prospects’ factories. 22,932 orders were sent to our industrial partners, 23,647 deliveries made and 207,031 items received.

All our merchandise arrives on our premises by truck, 40% of weight in containers, or the equivalent of 1,470 twenty-foot containers. We stock 87,199 items in storage areas with capacity for 92,544 pallets in the 104,300m² of covered storage area which belongs to us. Our 165 fork lift trucks, supplied exclusively by three manufacturers.

Our warehousemen have shipped 416,467 orders, comprising 2,166,905 items. Our customers have all computerised their processes. They integrate their purchase orders into their systems before sending them to us by fax or by EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Using EDI and character recognition means we don’t have to enter orders manually, account for 23% of orders today.



Customers judge us also on the quality of the transport service used to deliver their merchandise. And even though they are not our drivers or our trucks, here too, we want customer satisfaction whilst controlling cost.

Lionel Monroe manages the Group that negotiates operating terms annually with all our transporter partners.

We bring them substantial and regular volumes out of our warehouses, and in return, we look for the best possible terms of sale.

In 2017, four companies performed express delivery for us, ten provided a courrier service and ten freight.

For several years, our main suppliers have adopted approaches seeking to reduce the environmental impact of their activities. They detail their approaches and the progress they have made in their own annual reports: CO2 emissions, efficiency ratios, ISO 14001 and accident rates.