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Compressors, tools for compressed air, welding stations, generators and chargers for DIY stores.


The fabulous commitment of the Mecafer team allowed them to establish a new turnover record of €25.3m, up 10.3% for the same scope. This success is made all the more remarkable by the fact that it was achieved on a tooling market which grew only 0.5%. The performance was made possible by wellorchestrated piloting of all six product families, reinforcing Mecafer’s status as a multi-specialist in heavy tooling for workshops and garages.

The erosion of net margins and exceptional costs incurred through the acquisition of Domac were the main cause of the relative stagnation of the company’s profit.

So as to satisfy customers and industrial partners, we have chosen to keep two separate legal entities: Mecafer SAS and Domac SAS.

Domac’s product range is differentiated and managed by Patrice Le Ponner. Turnover, consolidated from March 1, 2017 onwards, was €6m.

This is an excellent performance in this new situation, thanks to the immense sales know-how of Patrice Le Ponner and the key role played by Isabelle Giraud at Mecafer and Sonia Carvalho at Domac, mutualising support functions such as IT and accounting.

In 2018, a concerted, complementary approach to the market should allow the Mecafer-Domac pairing to effectively launch a large number of new products and therefore strengthen their positions.

Website: www.mecafer.com

In the photo, from left to right:
Patrice Le Ponner (Domac), Stéphane Thermos, Philippe Bories and Isabelle Giraud (Mecafer).



Management staff

    Philippe Bories

     • Isabelle Giraud