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Communications agency.


2017 was marked by changes in staff: departure of a graphic designer – and some difficulty finding a replacement – arrival of an accountant on a professionalization contract, and a new community manager.

This latter recruitment is part of the objective to be much more active on social media to bolster brand awareness and also to be able to address shareholders, investors and journalists who use these forms of information and communication.

In 2018, we are looking to completely revamp the group’s website (www.thermador-groupe.fr) to better meet shareholder expectations and make it easier to obtain information. On this subject, we are working with other listed companies that are members of Middlenext, so as to design similar architectures.

At the beginning of 2018, the team is now complete and ready to take up its communications challenges – in traditional formats as well as in the digital world.

Website: www.opaline.fr

In the photo :
Arlette Berliocchi.



Management staff

     • Arlette Berliocchi