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Industrial valves in Belgium, Holland, France and Switzerland.


Sodeco Valves joined Thermador Groupe on August 31, 2017. Sodeco Valves sells a wide range of valves and accessories to industry for fluid circulation and control sourced from recognised manufacturers. With a solid presence in Belgium and Holland, it is also commercially present in France, Germany and Switzerland. Its positioning will be ideal to give us access to industrial and international buyers who can demand delivery of our products in under four hours.

Dieter De Cock, co-founder of Sodeco Valves in 1989, remains operational manager and enjoys the support of co-managers Lionel Monroe and Patricia Mavigner. He can rely on an determined, highly-experience management team: Enrico Suttels (Financial & IT manager), Peter Wartel (Sales manager), Wim Van de Vondel (Export manager) and Peter Gombeer (Technical sales support manager).

This team will be intensively exercising operational, commercial and financial synergies with the group’s subsidiaries so as to return to a good rhythm of growth and, at the same time, improve profitability. It also intends to return to conquer neighbouring markets where it has been historically present: Holland, Germany and Switzerland.

In France, Sodeco Valves reports €3m turnover annually. We are taking our time in getting to grips with the challenges and analyse the expectations of our customers before taking a decision as to the definitive organisation, and are currently gathering the points of view of all stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers. 

Website : http://sodeco-valves.com

In the photo, from left to right: 
Peter Wartel, Enrico Suttels, Patricia Mavigner, Peter Gombeer, Dieter De Cock, Wim Van De Vondel and Lionel Monroe.



Staff management

  • Dieter De Cock
  • Enrico Suttels
  • Peter Wartel
  • Wim Van De Vondel
  • Peter Gombeer