Our virtual home

Enjoy an immersive 360° experience in our virtual home!

The virtual home is a showcase for the solutions offered by Thermador Groupe subsidiaries. It features the products of Thermador, Thermacome, Sferaco, PBtub, Jetly and Axelair, all specialists in the supply of fluid circulation equipment for buildings.

Immerse yourself in the home in a fun, intuitive environment and navigate, computer game-style, from the garden to the boiler room and through all the rooms of the house.

On this educational touryou will discover our subsidiaries’ single-family home solutions and their equipment dedicated to fluid distribution:

  • Heating and hot water solutions from Thermador and sanitary fittings from Thewa by Thermador;
  • Thermacome radiant heating and cooling surfaces;
  • Valves, meters and backflow preventers from Sferaco;
  • Piping systems from PBtub;
  • Water management, recovery and preservation from Jetly;
  • Air circulation and treatment from Axelair.

Please use a computer to be able to enjoy all the tour’s features.