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Domestic pumps, plumbing fitments and taps
for DIY superstores.


Dipra products are present in three departments of DIY stores: gardening, plumbing and bathroom. This wide range presents the advantage of having an active account amongst all customers, but the disadvantage of having to fight on many fronts both in sales and purchasing.

As a result, a year does not go by without the sales team having to compensate for the loss of one department by the gain of another.

In 2017, Dipra recorded more victories than defeats producing a well-deserved increase in turnover of 5.9% and profit similar to 2014 and 2015.

As a reminder, in 2016 Dipra recorded an exceptional provision reversal of €229,000.

Website: www.dipra.fr

In the photo, from left to right:
Hugues Berthet, Emmanuelle Desecures, Bertrand Kinche and Alexandra Stratulat.



Management staff

     Emmanuelle Desecures

     • Bertrand Kinche

     • Alexandra Stratulat

     • Hugues Berthet