Our virtual houses

Welcome to our virtual houses !

Enjoy an interactive and entertaining experience by navigating through individual housing and tertiary building in real time 3D. 

The subsidiaries of Thermador Groupe specialising in the building industry, Thermador, Thermacome, Sferaco, PBtub, Jetly and Axelair, are exhibiting their products in 360° immersive environments.

Discover the different fluid distribution circuits through the walls of buildings:

  • Domestic water heating solutions using solar panels;
  • Heating and cooling systems powered by heat pumps;
  • Rainwater and wastewater management and recovery;
  • The circulation and treatment of air in the spaces.

As pedagogic platforms, our virtual houses give you access to all equipment information (technical manual, assembly instructions, videos, etc.)

Please use a computer to fully appreciate all the tour’s features.