Our strengths

Thermador Groupe’s strengths

In-depth market knowledge, a wide range of suitable products, highly competent sales teams, extensive geographical presence, all employees are trained, motivated, reactive and stable, high performance logistics: storage capacity, organisation of stock and shipments, ensuring 24 to 72 hour deliveries throughout France, and 2 to 6 day deliveries throughout Europe (Sodeco Valves can deliver within 4 hours within its trading area).


In-depth market knowledge

Expertise in project management is an integral part of Thermador Groupe’s culture. Its management style designed to empower employees is based on the values of respect, trust and fairness, shared by its 18 subsidiaries.


A solid financial structure

Thermador Groupe knows how to control investments whilst regularly generating free cash-flow. It has little debt and a high level of liquidity. On these foundations, Thermador Groupe has regularly distributed dividends to its shareholders, including an annual return of 2.43% in 2023.

years’ service in average


A trained, motivated, agile, stable workforce

The increasing complexity of the world, the growing separation between everybody’s initial experience and the practical needs of day-to-day life, and the speed of knowledge development all mean that we have to constantly update and grow our knowledge in every field.

Our 2023 training budget represented 2.64% of the wage bill.

Orders per year


A high-performance logistics

Our subsidiaries may have one or more warehouses from which they ship orders to customers in France, Europe and Africa. They guarantee delivery times to customers:

24/72 hours for France.
2-6 days for overseas depending on the destination.
Sodeco Valves, based in Belgium, can deliver in four hours in its trading area.

This implies:

Stock management ensuring ‘zero stock-out’, a crucial requirement for our purchasing departments.
Agreements with reliable transport companies.

Of the capital are individual shareholders

Individual shareholders

A stable shareholding

For a company of our size, we have an exceptionally large number of private shareholders: 9,427 individuals, representing 41.1% of the Group’s capital.

In 2023, 3,004 new shareholders joined us and 1,645 left (temporarily perhaps...).

In 2023, we noted a slight decrease in the share of capital held by active and retired employees. However, we are maintaining our target of 8.5% of capital held by them by 2030.