Our businesses


The merchandise we buy is delivered to our warehouses on trucks (36 % being delivered by container). The total volume represents the equivalent of 2,072 20-foot containers. We have 99,019 m² of storage area, with a capacity of 108,936 pallets. There are 224 forklift trucks coming from 3 hand-picked manufacturers. We keep 78,380 items in stock. Our team of 166 warehousemen have prepared and shipped 506,183 orders coming from 3,240,029 product lines. Our customers’ purchasing processes are computerised: their orders are integrated into their system and then sent to us primarily by digital data exchange. 35.9% of our orders are now processed by EDI, character recognition and our commercial websites, thus reducing manual entry.

Average turnover per order is 895 euros; 3,024 tonnes or 60 millions of products have been sold!

Each of our subsidiaries has a single storage centre from whence they ship their orders to their customers in France, Europe and Africa.

Supply Chain management

In a very quickly-changing context in terms of logistics, with the arrival of new actors and new technologies, we made the decision to create a Supply Chain Director position (sourcing, storage and distribution) to identify and improve our excellence in this field.

Subsequently, Anaïs Der Hagopian-Virieux left her position as Sectoriel’s Administrative Director to join Thermador Groupe on September 1, 2020, as Supply Chain Director. Her mission is now to support the subsidiaries and the group through a process of continuous improvement of the tools, resources and flows to improve supply chain performance. Her in-depth knowledge of our businesses and the group will enable her to bring in the necessary changes by onboarding our teams and managers in the process.

An innovative project to equip the subsidiaries with a sophisticated sourcing software tool has already been launched with the aim of further improving customer service and stock rotation. The estimated budget for this project is €340k, targeting an initial operational roll-out to 4 pilot subsidiaries during the second quarter of 2021


Sales activity

38,612 visits to 34,324 customers,

97 customers have visited our group, 5 of whom have visited our industrial partners’ facilities

495,241 calls are received per year: Advice, prices, availability, after-sales service

The CEOs, Sales Directors, Itinerant Sales and Office Technical Sales staff have permanent contact with our customers, both in the field and on the phone. Some of our wholesaler customers can receive representatives from several of the Group’s subsidiaries in the same day, without ever complaining that they are wasting their time. Indeed, our colleagues have a duty to gain an in-depth understanding of the ranges they promote and thereby demonstrate their efficiency.

Each week, training actions are led in the field or in our offices with our customers’ staff members. They also consult our websites for easy access to technical information.

Our office-based technical sales teams are also contributing by telephone to process all types of requests very quickly: price, availability, after-sales, technical information, etc.


Distribution circuit

Specialised distribution: central heating and domestic hot water accessories, pumps for heating, plumbing equipment, taps, valves for building, ventilation, industrial valves and fittings, cold water pumps, swimming pool equipment and accessories, air compressors, generators and welding stations.