Our businesses


All our merchandise arrives on our premises by truck, 46% of weight in containers, or the equivalent of 1,637 twenty-foot containers. We stock 89,185 items in storage areas with capacity for 93,002 pallets in the 83,077 m² of warehouse space. Our 181 fork lift trucks supplied exclusively by three manufacturers. Our warehousemen have shipped 486,135 orders, comprising 2,339,066 items. Our customers have all computerised their processes. They integrate their purchase orders into their systems before sending them to us by fax or by EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Use of EDI, character recognition and order importing on our commercial websites avoid manual order processing and today accounts for 28% of orders today.

Average turnover per order is €806. In all, 31,772 tons or 55 million products sold!

Each of our subsidiaries shares a single storage centre, from where they ship orders to their customers in France, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Sales activity

52% of our staff, i.e.: CEOs, sales managers, travelling reps and sedentary technical sales personnel, are constantly in contact with our customers, in the field or on the phone.

Some of our customers can receive representatives from several subsidiaries of the group during the same day, without ever complaining that they’re wasting their time. Our employees are expected to have an in-depth understanding of the product ranges they promote, and therefore be efficient in their work. We have recorded 42,816 visits to 28,895 customers, each producing a follow-up report which is accessible to everyone in each subsidiary. 385 of our customers have visited our group, and 19 of them the facilities of our industrial partners.

Each week, training courses take place in the field or on our premises, with our teams and our customers. They also consult our websites for easy access to technical information. We counted 5,777,604 pages on those sites in 2018.

Our office-based technical sales teams are also involved by phone, addressing all types of requests in record time: price, availability, aftersales service, technical information…

Some 606,756 calls are received per year.


Distribution circuit

Specialised distribution: central heating and domestic hot water accessories, pumps for heating, plumbing equipment, taps, valves for building, ventilation, industrial valves and fittings, cold water pumps, swimming pool equipment and accessories, air compressors, generators and welding stations.