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Thermador Groupe is an actor in specialised distribution.
Our subsidiaries are interfaces between manufacturers and wholesalers, DIY superstores, factories, swimming pool professionals, e-commerce sites and market places.
Our markets and economic model are presented from pages 2 to 11 of annual report 2018. Thermador Groupe reported turnover of €311.2m.
Our business model is presented on page 1 in the Chairman’s Statement, and pages 15 to 23 in the “Our Governance” section.

Our values

The future value of the group is in the hands of the management and their people in each of the subsidiaries.

No director, manager or supervisor is alone in Thermador Groupe. Each can exchange with his or her peers within intersubsidiary work groups. This is particularly true in the area of human resources, and the sharing of good practices seems to us a very effective method to help everyone grow and ensure overall cohesion.
For all that, there is no “group Human Resources Director”. Within each company of the group, each subsidiary CEO and each manager bears full responsibility for the employees under their command. It all starts with recruitment, a complex art that we approach with humility and simplicity. Our conclusion is that collegial decisions seem the most reliable.

The induction of new people within the subsidiaries requires structured training and time. We think that it takes a new employee one year to acquire minimum independence and efficiency. This explains why it is impossible to suddenly adjust staff structure to changes in the marketplace. We need to anticipate and act with confidence. Throughout people’s careers, we try to allow everybody to develop their talents according to their own merits and capabilities. We cultivate virtues of exemplarity, transparency, respect and a fair share of profits from our work. Our management teams are clearly responsible for the quality of the labour relations in our companies, and we promote care, conviviality, simplicity and serenity. To this end, our minimalist organisational structure, limited to four hierarchical levels, promotes proximity between managers and all employees of the group. However, this proximity is no longer sufficient to gather all ideas, comments, suggestions and sources of discontentment from the men and women who work in each of our subsidiaries. It is for this reason that in 2017 we decided to send them a questionnaire entitled ‘Employee survey on the quality of life at work’. They obviously bought into this new form of expression, given that the response rate was 94%! This we think helps us to gather behind us staff who are implicated, confident, efficient and generally loyal.

When a departure seems inevitable, we attempt to be as fair and dignified as possible, and to maintain good relationships with those who leave us. All this allows us to be very demanding at every level of the company, and indeed requires us to be so for the benefit of the group. With the acquisition of 7 companies and one business since 2015, we now face the challenge of opening up to other corporate cultures whilst progressively disseminating our key values. Those values must continue over time and represent the cornerstone of our group.


We visit our production sites ourselves, and check that our suppliers’ employees are well treated.


The future value of the group is in the hands of the management and their people in each of the subsidiaries


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