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Our CSR strategy

Knowledge enables us to choose and act in the right way. It is with this simple idea that we embarked on a fairly detailed calculation of our CO2 emissions, taking into account the entire life cycle of the products we sell. If we were to take full responsibility for the CO2 emissions of the products distributed by our Group, they would account for 95% of the total.

From our point of view, this responsibility should be shared between the different actors: suppliers of extracted or recycled raw materials, manufacturers and their subcontractors, importers, distributors, installers, users, repairers and collection and recycling companies. Logically, future progress on our most carbon-intensive products will depend on our ability to convince our suppliers upstream, to encourage their initiatives and even to become a force for eco-design. Downstream, we must be a force for proposal to our customers to promote eco-responsible products, continue our efforts to keep the equipment we sell in service for as long as possible and contribute to efficient transfer to recycling channels. With this in mind, in 2021 we set out our first CO2 emission reduction targets, both in areas where we can act directly and in areas where we need to engage other stakeholders (cf: page 62 of URD).

We have also enhanced this Extra-Financial Performance Statement to clarify our achievements, plans and strategy. To give us the wherewithal to achieve our ambitions, we are opening up the position of sustainable development director to sit on the Executive Committee, extended to all the Group’s corporate officers, with the aim of building a team of experts to help our subsidiaries achieve their CSR objectives. Finally, from 2022 onwards, we will be opening an investment programme to finance the energy renovation of our own buildings for a total investment of €1.6m, eligible for European taxonomy like all our real estate operations. Our turnover is not eligible for this new regulation as distribution is currently one of the activity sectors excluded.


Meeting of our Executive Committee on December 16, 2021 to endorse the Group’s priority sustainability objectives

Acknowledgement of our CSR performance

In 2021, we responded to 6 extra-financial rating questionnaires, some of which came directly from investors:
- Gaia - ESG Index.
- Gaia - Human Capital in Business Index.
- Humpact France, an extra-financial rating agency on employment in France.
- La financière de l’échiquier (LFDE).
- Management 21.
Striving for transparency and openness, particularly towards investors and shareholders, Thermador Groupe also participates in conferences
dedicated to ESG issues.

YearsESG Score

Gaïa rating

The extra-financial achievements of Thermador Groupe are recognised in France by the Gaiarating index. Since it was brought in, we have been among the leaders of this index, which is produced independently by EthiFinance.

The rating agency analyses the ESG practices of French mid-caps. Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance (ESG) criteria are judged on the basis of a questionnaire of more than 187 questions. This evaluation also includes an exchange with an ESG analyst to clarify our answers with additional qualitative comments.

We have communicated our ranking on this index since 2012 in our Universal Registration Document. In 2021, we were ranked 80th out of 390 and 13th among companies with revenues of €150m-500m. For more than 10 years, data has shown that companies scoring well on extra-financial criteria also produce better financial results.


In 2021, Humpact rates Thermador Groupe 4.5 Stars out of 5 as recognition of its excellent employment performance.

The Group ranks 3rd out of 16 companies in our sector and 18th out of 273 companies assessed;

In 2022, the Thermador group is one of the three nominees for the Grand Prix de l'Emploi in the youth category. The Humpact Jeunes Prize rewards the company that is the most favourable to the employment of young people in France in 2022 and will be awarded in Decembe

FG inox68/100Gold


In 2021, our subsidiaries’ CSR performances were assessed by the EcoVadis platform, introduced to promote transparency and trust among customers and business partners. Six subsidiaries were assessed in 2021 compared to two in 2020, reflecting their willingness to engage with this assessment process.

The subsidiaries Axelair, Distrilabo and Jetly will respond to the EcoVadis questionnaire during the first half of 2022. Coordination is being carried out within the Group in order to use these performance evaluations as real levers for improvement. Covadis’ evaluation criteria are extra-financial and cover four major themes: employment, ethics, environment and responsible purchasing


Our subsidiary Dipra responded to the Sedex CSR questionnaire, a self-assessment for European companies (non-EU companies are audited), backed up by documents submitted and checks on CSR commitments throughout the supply chain. The Sedex questionnaire does not give a score but an assessment to trigger an action plan.

Sustainable Development Goal

Thermador Groupe selected 11 sustainable development goals (SDG) amongst the 17 defined by the UN.

These objectives are part of our value chain presenting our strategy and our commitment as an economic player. The assessment of the environmental and social impact concerns all companies in the consolidation scope based in France and in Belgium.

To illustrate Thermador Groupe’s commitment, the United Nations sustainable development goals have been included in our extra-financial performance indicators.

Our Value Chain

The future value of the group
is in the hands of its managers
and the staff of each of the subsidiaries.

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11 Sustainable Development Goal

These objectives fit within our value chain, presenting our strategy and commitment.

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Economic challenges

We work very regularly on local companies: transport, architecture, public works, building work ...

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CSR challenges

Develop our talents, Pursue our development while reducing our environmental impact, Be a responsible committed player

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We work very regularly on local companies: transport, architecture, public works, building work ...

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Discover our governance:
The organization of the executive committee
and the board of directors.

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