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Our employees, many of our customers, and some of our shareholders would like us to be more specific about our commitments to sustainable development and, in particular, about the measures taken within our group to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

Fully convinced of the merits of this approach, we have taken three important decisions:
- to appoint a specialised outside firm to support four of our subsidiaries (representing 44% of our business) from the first half of 2021, with the aim of rapidly defining medium-term objectives that are measurable, achievable and understandable for stakeholders,
- to introduce regulatory surveillance on this topic,
- to create a sustainable development committee within our Board of Directors chaired by Mathilde Yagoubi, an independent director. Its general mission will be to assist the directors in monitoring issues related to social and environmental responsibility, anticipate the opportunities and risks associated therewith, and make decisions. The committee will conduct its deliberations in close cooperation with the Executive Committee and the Thermavert cross-functional group, which regularly report on their missions and recommendations with regard to the Group’s CSR policy and achievements.
A training programme of 12 days with FL FINANCE Academy and Middlenext has been drawn up for Mathilde Yagoubi to enable her to perfectly accomplish her mission.
These decisions should enable us to make faster progress in the areas covered by the 10 sustainable development goals we have chosen from the 17 set out by the United Nations. Even though some of our actions will only have an impact in several years’ time, we are determined to progressively implement them, and in particular to reduce the environmental impact of the products we distribute. This implies early reflexion with our industrial partners in order to better understand and control their products’ life cycles.

Gaïa rating

For several years now, we have been among the leaders of the ‘Gaïa-rating’ index, independently compiled by EthiFinance.

Environment, Social, Governance (E.S.G.) criteria are investigated in detail.
In 2020, we were ranked 35th out of 230 and 7th in the category of companies reporting a turnover between €150 and €500 million.
For 10 years, data has repeatedly shown that companies who score well on extra-financial criteria also perform better financially.


In 2020, our performance in terms of corporate social responsibility was evaluated for the first year through our subsidiary Sferaco and Axelair by the EcoVadis platform, to promote transparency and trust among our customers and business partners. Sferaco outcome was a silver medal with a score of 65/100. Axelair obtained the bronze medal with a score of 45/100. These results place our subsidiaries Sferaco and Axelair in the top 25% and top 50% of companies assessed respectively. Two other subsidiaries, Sectoriel and Distrilabo, will also be assessed by the EcoVadis platform in 2021.

Sustainable Development Goal

Thermador Groupe selected 10 sustainable development goals (SDG) amongst the 17 defined by the UN.

These objectives are part of our value chain presenting our strategy and our commitment as an economic player. The assessment of the environmental and social impact concerns all companies in the consolidation scope based in France and in Belgium.

To illustrate Thermador Groupe’s commitment, the United Nations sustainable development goals have been included in our extra-financial performance indicators.

Our Value Chain

The future value of the group
is in the hands of its managers
and the staff of each of the subsidiaries.

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10 Sustainable Development Goal

These objectives fit within our value chain, presenting our strategy and commitment.

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Economic challenges

We work very regularly on local companies: transport, architecture, public works, building work ...

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Discover our governance:
The organization of the executive committee
and the board of directors.

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