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The quality of our C.S.R. policy has been recognised by the financial community and, more particularly, by I.S.R. investors (socially responsible investment), given that for a number of years, we have been amongst the leaders of the independently-compiled “Gaïa-rating” per EthiFinance (Website: http://www.gaia-rating.com).

Environment, Social, Governance (E.S.G.) criteria are investigated in detail.

Download our 2017 ESG attestation here

Gaïa rating

In 2018, we were ranked 29th out of 230 and 7th out of those companies reporting more than €150m turnover. For the past eight years, we have seen that companies scoring well on non-financial criteria also report the best financial performances.

In 2017, Thermador Groupe received the “Coup de Coeur middle-sized companies prize”, awarded by the association of chartered accountants and the national company of statutory auditors for its CSR communication in its 2016 annual report.

Sustainable Development Goal

Thermador Groupe selected 9 sustainable development goals (SDG) amongst the 17 defined by the UN. These objectives are part of our value chain presenting our strategy and our commitment as an economic player. The assessment of the environmental and social impact concerns all companies in the consolidation scope based in France and in Belgium. To illustrate Thermador Groupe’s commitment, the United Nations sustainable development goals have been included in our extra-financial performance indicators.

Our Value Chain

The future value of the group
is in the hands of its managers
and the staff of each of the subsidiaries.

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9 Sustainable Development Goal

These objectives fit within our value chain, presenting our strategy and commitment.

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Economic challenges

We work very regularly on local companies: transport, architecture, public works, building work ...

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Discover our governance:
The organization of the executive committee
and the board of directors.

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Ethical / Anticorruption

All documents on ethics and anticorruption
of the group. Thermador Groupe pays particular attention to compliance with the laws.

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