• 2022

    Merger of Dipra and Edouard Rousseau

    Name changed to Odrea in 2022.

  • Acquisition of DPI (Direct Pipe Industry)

    Specialist in plastic pipes (ducts, tubes, drains, fittings, etc.) for wet and dry networks.

  • Acquisition of AFY's business by Sferaco

    Sales to specialised wholesalers of industrial supplies.


  • 2020

    Acquisition of Thermacome by Thermador Groupe

    Radiant surface and hydro-distribution systems for homes and buildings.


  • 2019

    Acquisition of Distrilabo by Thermador Groupe

    Distribution of technical materials for pressure, temperature, level and flow measurement and control for industrial processes and air-treatment engineering.

  • 2019

    Thermador International becomes Syveco

    Distribution of the group’s products on international markets.

  • 2018

    Acquisition of Sanidom / Rousseau by Thermador Groupe

    Bathroom and kitchen taps for DIY superstores and major retail outlets in France and Spain.

  • 2017

    Acquisition of Groupe Valfit by Sferaco

    Sale to specialised wholesalers of a targeted range of connectors, meters and valves.

  • Acquisition by Mecafer of Domac

    Sale of air compressors, generators, welding stations and battery chargers.

  • Acquisition by Axelair of the Vortice France business

    Strengthening the ventilation activity on the French market.

  • Acquisition of Sodeco Valves by Thermador Groupe

    Industrial valves in Belgium, Holland, France and Switzerland.

  • Acquisition of FGinox by Thermador Groupe

    Sale of stainless steel connectors, flanges, valves and accessories.

  • 2015

    Acquisition of Mecafer by Thermador Groupe

    Sale of air compressors, pneumatic tools, generators, welding stations and chargers to DIY stores.

  • Acquisition of Nuair by Sectoriel

    Distribution of screw and reciprocating compressors for professionals and for industry.

  • Creation of Aello

    Specialised distribution of swimming pool equipment and accessories.

  • 2013

    Creation of Thewa

    Creation of a tap business, Thewa, within the Thermador subsidiary.

  • Creation of Axelair

    Specialised distribution of ventilation equipment and accessories.

  • 2006

    Creation of Thermador International

    Distribution of the group’s products on International markets.

  • 2002

    Creation of Opaline

    Communication Agency.

  • 1992

    Creation of Isocel

    Sale of parts to boiler manufacturers.

  • 1989

    Creation of Sectoriel

    Motorised valves.

  • Creation of PBtub

    Distribution of pipes in synthetic materials, underfloor heating and domestic water distribution.

  • 1987

    Thermador Group listed on the stock exchange

  • 1986

    Creation of Thermador Groupe

    Capital FRF 66 320 000 F (10 110 418 €).

  • Creation of Dipra

    Sale to DIY superstores: pumps, householdvalves, plumbing.

  • 1978

    Creation of Sferaco

    Sale of valves to the construction business and industry.

  • 1977

    Creation of Jetly

    Sale of domestic pumps and pump accessories.

  • 1973

    Creation of Thély

    Property company.

  • 1968

    Creation of Thermador

    The initial capital was FRF300,000 (€45,735). Importing and distributing central heating accessories.

    The original team members: Guy Vincent, Jacques Borde, Hubert Fournier, Geneviève Boreil and Marc de Sereys.