A brief introduction



Specialised distribution

Central heating and domestic hot water accessories, pumps for heating, plumbing equipment, taps, valves for building, ventilation, industrial valves and fittings, cold water pumps, swimming pool equipment and accessories, air compressors, generators and welding stations.

Our virtual home

Enjoy an immersive 360° experience in our virtual home!

The virtual home is a showcase for the solutions offered by Thermador Groupe subsidiaries. It features the products of Thermador, Thermacome, Sferaco, PBtub, Jetly and Axelair, all specialists in the supply of fluid circulation equipment for buildings.

Our markets

Most of our markets is not overly exposed to economic fluctuation. Although the businesses of our different subsidiaries are fairly similar, our subsidiary organisation distributes our risks effectively.

Our subsidiaries

Our subsidiaries are useful and efficient interfaces between a large number of manufacturers scattered throughout the world, and increasingly demanding wholesalers, superstores, factories, swimming pool professionals, commercial websites and market places.

Our businesses

Sales, sourcing, logistics, after-sales, training, etc. Our motivated, skilled teams are attentive to customers’ needs both in the field and over the phone. Our streamlined organisation keeps costs down, making us naturally competitive and efficient.

Our suppliers

Our suppliers are manufacturers whom we have selected from amongst the best in their profession. We work with them in very close collaboration, over the long term.