Our markets

Fluid circuits in construction

of our turnover

36,3 million housing units in France, of which around 6,5 million second homes and 19,7 million houses, plus offcies, schools, hospitals, prisons...

A lot of Thermador’s, PBtub’s and Sferaco’s turnover comes  from the distribution of materials for heating systems and hot water systems for housing and the tertiary sector: tubes in synthetic materials at PBtub, valves at Sferaco, valves and other central heating and sanitary domestic hot water system components at Thermador.

Selling via the DIY superstore channel and only for renovation projects, Dipra and Sanidom/Rousseau distribute broad ranges of bathroom taps and plumbing accessories to DIYers.

Isocel’s customers are from industry, such as boiler manufacturers whose equipment mainly targets this same market.

Also, our subsidiary Axelair offers a complete range for improved air quality and circulation in private houses and multi-unit dwellings.


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Demand on the French housing market remains high, and major renovation programmes are needed to reduce energy consumption and provide better comfort.

Most of our turnover is based on maintenance and renovation. These are “needs” markets where we are well positioned to best profit from future growth.

For the circulation of hot domestic water, safety requirements (prevention of burns, legionnellosis, etc.) should boost the sale of the devices we distribute.

Furthermore, we are attentive to the consequences of the new thermal regulations and the transition to renewable energy: heat pumps, solar, biomass, high-performance mechanical ventilation, systems in which fluids circulate.

All of this opens up new sales opportunities.

Domestic pumps

watering - swimming pool - lifting

of our turnover

17 million gardens in France, one or more pumps per garden...

With Jetly and Dipra, we are major players on the French market for domestic pumps via professional distribution circuits and DIY superstores. Watering, irrigation, water supply to private houses, fresh- and waste-water transfer and lifting needs make this an important market, and it is expected to remain so despite the unpredictability of our “seasons” as dictated by the vagaries of the weather.

Since 2016, Aello has sold an equipment range to swimming pool professionals, including pumps manufactured by our long-standing partner DAB.


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The French market is the second biggest in the world after the US with 1.3 -1.4 million sunk pools and 30-33,000 new builds per year.

In the waste-water lifting and rainwater recovery markets, the equipment developed by Jetly (tanks with pumps and equipment) has elevated it to market leader status (internal estimation) on a high-growth market.

Fluid circuits in industry

of our turnover

Fluids are constantly circulating on most industrial sites: water, gas, steam (chemical food, pharmaceutical industries, etc.). Our subsidiaries Sferaco, Sectoriel, Thermador International, Sodeco Valves and FGinox distribute manual and motorised valves, flaps, filters, connectors and control accessories for maintenance or new installation.

We are present with almost all specialised industrial valves and supplies dealers and wholesalers, and we are continuously extending our product ranges.

Sodeco Valves, based in Belgium, primarily targets major industrial sites.

Equipment tools for public, professional and industrial customers

of our turnover

Mecafer and Domac sells air compressors, generators, welding stations and chargers to distributors and high-end DIYers. They have made and will continue to make a major contribution to the growth of this market through innovations that make this type of equipment easier to use. Mecafer enjoys a high level of brand awareness and is widely referenced amongst French customers.

Furthermore, our industrial partners Fini Nuair and Fiac have Stanley and Michelin licenses respectively, allowing us to differentiate our product range available to major DIY players in France. Sectoriel/Nuair France sells piston and screw compressors to professionals and to industry.

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This range supplements our tanks and valves already being sold to industrial wholesalers and compressed air specialists. Furthermore, Nuair’s range gives us access to automobile supply distributors. Compressed air is an irreplaceable, universal energy source used on worksites, and in workshops, factories and mechanics shops.

We are present on a colossal market on the back of two major independent Italian manufacturers.