Our markets

Fluid circuits in construction

of our turnover

80% of our sales in maintenance and renovation.

36.3 million housing units in france.

5 million private houses benefitted from energy renovations in 2018. Source: ADEME (French environmental agency).

We offer the private housing, collective housing and tertiary sector building markets all the accessories and equipment they need for effective water circulation in heating and sanitation facilities.

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We also offer comprehensive ranges to control inside air quality and temperature. Our subsidiaries respectively serve wholesalers, DIY superstores, web platforms and certain manufacturers.

Changes to the regulations which target water and energy savings, whilst ensuring comfort and security of housing and users, is stimulating innovation and has led us to propose higher value-added solutions.

Most of our business is in maintenance and renovation; these are resilient ‘needs’ markets on which we are very well placed and highly reactive.

Domestic pumps

watering - swimming pool - lifting

of our turnover

17 million gardens in france, one or more pumps per garden....

1.3 million sunken pools in France.

Domestic waste water lifting: 5 million housing units in non-collective sanitation, 2 million of which to be made compliant.

We are a major player on the French market for domestic pumps for professional distribution circuits and in DIY superstores.

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Whether it be watering, irrigation, water supply to private houses, transfer and lifting of fresh and waste water or swimming pools, the pumps market is, and will remain, important to us.

Successive heatwaves and floods over recent years have contributed to increasing needs, although they do remain subservient to the vagaries of the weather.

Our recent return to the swimming pool market means that we can offer a wide range of materials to professionals who renovate and build them.

Heavy tooling for public, professional and industrial customers

of our turnover

€100m the DIY superstore market for Compressors, Generators and Welding Units

€85m The market for High-Pressure Cleaners in DIY superstores

€100m or 110,000 compressors. The air compressor market via the pro channel

We sell air compressors, generators, welding units, chargers and high-pressure cleaners to major retail and via the Web to well-informed DIYers.

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To differentiate the product offering targeting the different actors of the DIY sector, we use our own brands (Mecafer), those of our customers, and also brands used under licence by our suppliers (Michelin, Stanley).

Under the Nuair and Fini brands, we also sell our piston and screw compressor to professionals in the industry, which complete the reservoir and valve ranges already distributed to wholesalers of industrial supplies, compressed air specialists and distributors of supplies for the automotive industry.

Fluid circuits in industry

of our turnover

Fluids circulate on most industrial sites in liquid or gas form.

Six of our subsidiaries distribute manual and motorised valves, flaps, filters, connectors and regulation and control accessories for maintenance work or new installations.

We are present with almost all the specialised retailers, wholesalers in industrial valves and industrial supplies, and we are progressively building our product range.

Sodeco Valves, based in Belgium, primarily targets major industrial sites.