Our suppliers

Our suppliers

It is the responsibility of the CEO of each of our subsidiaries to choose their suppliers and to maintain a relationship of trust with them.

Although some suppliers are common to several subsidiaries, we do not consider it useful to have a centralised purchasing platform for the Group. We prefer each subsidiary to focus on its own priorities, linked to its market, and ask each one to share information about its ‘Group‘ partners.

Over 789 manufacturers partners
throughout the world

Total value of purchases in 2023 : €374m
in 2022 : €361m, in 2021 : €311m)


67% of our purchases come from European manufacturers.

40 YEARS of partnership for 21% of our suppliers

Our suppliers are best-in-class manufacturers and we work with them very closely and on a long-term basis, ensuring that their products meet all applicable technical and safety standards.

The challenges of sustainable development and the forthcoming European CS3D Directive (Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive), led us to develop a standard formalism for all of the Group’s subsidiaries: our responsible purchasing charter and supplier scoring system are currently being deployed. In 2024, we will determine a standard audit approach.

We are also working to assess the geopolitical and climatic risks associated with the industrial sites from which our products originate. Generally speaking, our supplier site visits are very thorough: we are particularly concerned about the working conditions of employees and ensure that no children are present in our partners’ workshops and factories (cf: our EFPS in section of this reference document).


In pourcentage202320222021
China and Taiwan29%36%35%
Other countries8%8%6%

In pourcentage202320222021
US Dollar29%37%34%
Autres devises1%2%2%


Invoices received but not paid on the closing date of the financial year and whose due date has passed (table required under section 1 of article D. 441-4) in thousands of euros :

0 day
(for information)
1 to 30
31 to 60
61 to 90
91 days
and more
(1 day and more)
Number of invoices1985
Total value of invoices concerned (inc-VAT)3558869(434)(105)3889
Purchases over the financial year (ex-VAT)*419 881
Percentage of the financial year’s T/O (ex-VAT)0.8%0.2%(0.1%)0.0%0.9%
(*) Purchase of goods and external charges.

* External costs and purchases consumed

Our french customers

Our customers are wholesalers of heating and sanitary equipment, pumps, valves and fittings, industrial supplies, OEMs, swimming pool professionals, industrialists, public works companies and all those involved in DIY.

28,716 customers in France and abroad

Some of our customers have developed through external growth operations, others organically. In any case, they are very diverse:

✣ Independent or affiliated with listed or family groups.
✣ International, national or regional for their organisation and logistics.
✣ Members of purchasing, marketing and communication syndicates or operating independently.

They include:

Saint-Gobain Distribution, Adeo, Pompac Développement, Les Mousquetaires, Mr Bricolage, Qérys, Rexel, Descours et Cabaud, Frans Bonhomme, Richardson, Algorel and Socoda subscribers.

Commercially, we are very active with national decisionmaking centres and points of sale (sales promotions, training, etc.).

Our sales force with small teams of very professional salespeople working on the ground or on the phone delivers optimal efficiency.

Our CSR approach is of increasing interest to our customers, especially those who are at the forefront of sustainable development.

Our biggest customer accounts for 5.7% of our turnover.
The top 5 account for 22.6%, the top 10 34.3%.

Our international customers

In 2023, the share of our business from exports is stable compared to 2022, reaching 16.7%. We were able to maintain these figures thanks once again to large projects in the industrial sector won and delivered by Sodeco Valves, and to the ongoing efforts made in Europe and Africa by Syveco and FGinox with our distributor customers. In Spain, Odrea confirmed the good progress made with DIY superstore customers.

The French overseas territories (DROM-COM) account for 2.1% of the Group’s turnover, and are serviced by several of our subsidiaries. International business now accounts for 14.6% of Group turnover.

In the late 1960s and until the mid-2000s, the Group’s subsidiaries were buying in Europe and selling in France. Today, they buy worldwide to sell in Europe, Africa and the Middle East via our subsidiaries Syveco, Sodeco Valves, FGinox and Rousseau. Syveco, created in 2006, accounted for 39.9% of our international sales in 2023. Sodeco Valves, FGinox and Rousseau contributed 53.1%, with the remainder coming from our other subsidiaries.

Syveco supplies wholesalers from our main warehouse in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier with a wide range of in-demand products they are able to deliver within a short timeframe. Advances in logistics and shorter delivery times have simply pushed our boundaries, as we are now able to deliver all over Europe between D+2 and D+6. For our customers outside Europe, orders are handed over in full and from the outset to forwarding agents who deliver to the relevant markets within two or three weeks. Sodeco Valves, which is based in Belgium, delivers on D+1 and D+2 to its industrial customers, mainly in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany (with a sales office for each country and sales representatives based locally). FGinox has an export department and markets its range of stainless steel fittings to industrial customers and specialist wholesalers in Europe and Africa. Rousseau, Odrea’s commercial subsidiary in Spain, which stocks and distributes various ranges of sanitary fittings directed at DIY stores in those countries. But there is still a lot to achieve, according to the current and future needs of countries with strong development potential and the commercial synergies gradually being put in place between the various subsidiaries concerned.