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Pumps, tanks, accessories, lifting stations.


After a long period of stability, Jetly has returned to growth in a year that saw favourable – although not exceptional – weather conditions. This of course means that the record turnover achieved in 2012 is in the cross-hairs. The Jetly team will be helped in its efforts by a product range upgrade to more technical, higher performance, bigger and therefore more expensive materials.

At the same time, a work group has been initiated to better respond to the requirements of our customers who are experts in e-commerce: price awareness, pricing policy, mega-databases of items, video of products on YouTube, determination of materials online and a complete review of the functionalities of the website are on the agenda for 2018.

The digital transformation is underway to capitalise on the high brand awareness Jetly enjoys amongst professionals.

Website: www.jetly.fr

In the photo, from left to right:
Jean-François Bonnefond, Christiane Perrot, Frank Bourgois and Patrice Comi.



Management staff

     Jean-François Bonnefond

     • Christiane Perrot

     • Patrice Comi

     • Frank Bourgois