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Motorised valves and specialty products
for Industry and air compressors.


After year dedicated to the integration of Nuair France and the extension to the warehouse in 2016, Sectoriel returned to an organic rhythm of growth and progressed in all its main product families.

The decision was taken to bolster the commercial team for its visits to ‘auto’ distributors to get better exposure for the air conditioning range, articulated around Nuair compressors.

Under the leadership of Xavier Isaac and with the help of the group’s information system management, the digital transformation of Sectoriel continues. In 2018 this will lead to two totally revamped websites which will focus on customer service.

Consolidated turnover of €20m is in the cross-hairs.

Websites: www.sectoriel.fr and www.nuair-france.fr

In the photo, from left to right:
Laurence Vigneau, Xavier Isaac, Anaïs Der Hagopian-Virieux and Loïc Brossat.



Management staff

    Xavier Isaac

     • Anaïs Der Hagopian-Virieux

     • Laurence Vigneau

     • Loïc Brossat