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Valves and connectors for building and industry.


Objectives were surpassed records broken thanks to a great collective dynamic. Sferaco signed off a year that was exceptional from every point of view, taking over Jetly’s top spot in the process, a ranking held by Jetly since 2003.

Of note is the heightened specialisation of the sales team to better meet the requirements of three major markets in which Sferaco is involved: taps, connectors and meters for construction, industry and water supply.

On December 28, 2017 the year ended with the acquisition of Groupe Valfit. Groupe Valfit sells targeted ranges of cast iron and steel connectors, meters and taps which are complementary to those sold by Sferaco. In 2016 the company reported turnover of €5.9m, EBITDA of €0.5m and a net profit of €0.4m.

The product range will therefore increase from 7,500 to 10,000 items, undoubtedly making it the biggest on the French market in the specialty areas.

The focus is now on consolidation and organisation. If we are able to remain humble, we can position ourselves permanently as a company who listens to what its customers and suppliers need.

Website: www.sferaco.fr

In the photo, from left to right:
Christophe Arquillière, Nicolas Billiard, Charlotte Deguerry-Fraisse and Jean-Philippe Paul.



Management staff

    • Christophe Arquillière

    • Charlotte Deguerry-Fraisse

    • Jean-Philippe Paul

    • Nicolas Billiard