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Accessories and connectors for central heating and domestic water - Plumbing fitments.


Thermador has enthusiastically started its 50th year of existence by getting close to its record turnover of 2008. This recovery was helped by two cold snaps in January and the net recovery of the French new-build construction market.

This favourable economic climate has further amplified the impact of the efforts made over numerous months by Thermador teams to adapt the product range to market changes. The buildings of tomorrow will use less energy and water, be more regulated, better connected and more comfortable. The equipment sold by Thermador will therefore be more technical, and more sophisticated.

Thermador is serene, ready to take on all these challenges, relying on the one hand on its own skills and expertise and on the other on the tremendous capacity for innovation of its main partners such as Caleffi, DAB and Cordivari.

Turnover on the sanitation valve range carrying the THEWA brand launched in 2014 is making good headway, but behind budget. Still convinced of the strategic interest of that market, Thermador’s management remains determined and continues to invest.

2018 will have to start at a very good pace, equalling or exceeding the exceptional 1st quarter of 2017. If this transpires, the management team expects to go over the €40 million T/O threshold for the first time.

Website: www.thermador.fr

In the photo, from left to right:
Pierre-Jean Hervé, Yves Ruget, François Nanson, Blandine Büsch and Fabrice Marand.


Management staff

    • Yves Ruget

    • Fabrice Marand

    • François Nanson

    • Pierre-Jean Hervé