Practical information

Individual shareholders' contact

Guillaume Robin and Patricia Mavigner

Shares can be bearer, directly registered or administered.

1) Bearer shareholders entrust management of their shares to their financial representative who receives custody fees. In our case, they are known to our company only through the annual TPI census.

2) In the case of registered shareholding, the holder fulfils the formality of depositing his shares in a share account managed by the issuer or by a financial intermediary authorised by the issuer. In our case the intermediary chosen by us is: Securities CM-CIC / Middle Office Emetteur - 6, avenue de Provence - 75441 Paris cedex 09.

To transfer shares to registered format, application must be made by letter to the financial intermediary giving the contact details of the above-mentioned representatives.
Registered shares are permanently identifiable to the issuer. They are not subject to custody fees.

3) You can also opt for administered shares. You keep your shares account – or your PEA – with your financial intermediary who undertakes to keep us permanently informed of your position.

Remote voting

If you cannot attend the Annual General Meeting, you can entrust powers to the Chairman or any other shareholder of your choice.

You can also vote by mail. In both cases, we invite you to use a single form that is available upon request.

For pure or administered registered shareholders and bearer shareholders whose financial intermediary has signed up to the VOTACCESS system, electronic voting by VOTACCESS has been possible as of the Annual General Meeting of 2017.

Our website:

Regularly updated in French and English, it presents the group’s activities, financial information and stock exchange news.

Our financial publications appear in the “news” section and “regulated information” section. They are also relayed on stock exchange information sites, in French and in English, on Linkedln and on Twitter.

A shareholder space is available so that you can update your details and express your wishes as to how you want our documents to be sent (mail and/or email).