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Contribution to the local economy

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We are completely dedicated to our customers.

Our teams and managers are in contact with them permanently, in the field and by telephone.

We can keep our promises thanks to the size of our stock and the quality of the products we select upstream. Our sales policy is clear and our agreements respected. Disputes are settled in a timely fashion.



The directors of the group are responsible for relationships with our suppliers. Our way of working can be summarised in a few simple principles:

  • We work with a medium or long term vision.
  • We are transparent with our suppliers, and tell them clearly what we expect of them.
  • Price is not the only criterion of supplier selection.
  • We pay attention to their long-term durability and the quality of their products and services, their transparency, their sales policy and their reactivity.


Contribution to the local economy


We employ 668 people living for the most part in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

Our buildings are regularly maintained and have a very attractive appearance.

With the local authorities and local  neighbourhoods, we maintain cordial and constructive relationships.

We very regularly work with local companies: transport, architecture, masonry, public works, finishing works, IT, canteen, health insurance, worker reintegration centre (E.S.A.T.).



Past inspections by customs authorities and tax, employment and social security authorities have never led to any substantial penalties.

We pay all our taxes in France.

No legal structure has been set up abroad to avoid corporation tax.

Contribution to training

For many years, the group’s Chairman has been involved in the closing stages of a course on financial communications at Lyon 2 University (Economic Sciences and Management faculty, Finance and Banking unit).

In 2019, students from the Tunon International School participated in our AGM, which took place at the Institut Lumière in Lyon.