Listing : identification of the Thermador Groupe share

Code ISIN FR0013333432
Mnemonic code THEP
Number of shares 9,200,849
Capital €36,803,396
Listing on the stock exchange June 24, 1987
Regulated market EURONEXT Paris
Classification S.R.D.
Nominal value €4
Annual reporting date December 31
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The Thermador Groupe share appears in the CAC ALL SHARE and ENT PEA PME 150.

We are currently listed on EURONEXT Paris in compartment B and accepted by the S.R.D.*

* Since 2008, we have been included in the Service de Règlement Différé which allows shareholders to pay for their transactions on Thermador stock at the end of the month. We would remind you that compartment B includes shares in companies whose stock market capitalization value is between €150m and €1,000m.

The Thermador Groupe share was listed on the stock exchange on June 24, 1987 at 240 french francs, I.E., €2.99 according to the €/FF exchange rate and taking into account the different free share distributions made since then.

Stock exchange


Reminder of dividends over the last 6 financial years.
In eurosDividend per shareTotal amount

For 2023, we propose a dividend of €2.08 per share. This represents 32.8% of consolidated net profit. On the basis of the average 2023 price (€85.75), the yield is 2.43%.

Breakdown of capital

Number of shareholders202120222023
Board members788
Employees 143143171
Retired employees and former employees485658
Retired CEOs445
Family of founders252941
French investors193173190
Foreign investors103114139
Individual shareholders7 7958 1449 427
Total 8 3398 70410 063

For a company of our size, we have an exceptionally large number of private shareholders: 9,427 individuals, representing 41.1%
of the Group’s capital.
In 2023, 3,004 new shareholders joined us and 1,645 left (temporarily perhaps...).
In 2023, we noted a slight decrease in the share of capital held by active and retired employees. However, we are maintaining our target of 8.5% of capital held by them by 2030.

There are no family links between the founders (Guy Vincent, Jacques Borde, Geneviève Boreil, Hubert Fournier and Marc de Sereys) and the current directors.

The use of the shareholder identification procedure must be authorised by an Extraordinary General Meeting.

The Extraordinary General Meeting of June 27, 1988 gave us this authorisation, which is included in our company bylaws. We can thus, by applying to the centralising body EUROCLEAR, obtain - for a fee - the name, address and number of shares of all our French shareholders.

The number of shares was logged on November 30, 2023.

At the AGM of April 4, 2016, we adopted the principle of one share, one vote. Since December 31, 2020, the percentages of capital and voting rights were identical.

To the best of the company’s knowledge, no shareholder other than those mentioned in the table below has a stake of more than 5%.

2023 milestones:

By e-mail received on December 6, 2023, FMR LLC* (The Corporation Trust Center, 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware 19801, United States) announced that on December 5, 2023 it had exceeded the thresholds of 5% of the share capital and voting rights of THERMADOR GROUPE and held 463,753 THERMADOR GROUPE shares representing the same number of voting rights, i.e. 5.04% of the share capital and voting rights of this company.

*FMR LLC is also known as Fidelity Investments.

Breakdown of shares and voting rights

Nombre d’actionsCapital /
droits de vote
Nombre d’actionsCapital /
droits de vote
Nombre d’actionsCapital /
droits de vote
Dirigeants, administrateurs et personnel 977 34510,60%962 45710,50%940 724 10,30%
Dirigeants administrateurs161 8771,80%205 1682,20%206 5662,30%
Administrateurs non libres d’intérêts 430NS **4400,10%6700,10%
Administrateurs indépendants3 089NS **3 6950,10%3 8340,10%
Dirigeants non-administrateurs397 8584,30%342 4093,70%346 1103,70%
Salariés108 5911,20%99 8951,10%66 3830,70%
FCP Thermador Groupe 302 5003,30%307 8503,40%317 0253,40%
Thermador Groupe en actions en propres 3 000NS **3 0000,10%1360,10%
Actionnaires individuels3 763 63240,90%3 718 86440,40%3 785 656 41,10%
dont les salariés retraités et anciens salariés232 3982,50%236 0502,50%232 976 2,50%
dont anciens dirigeants*342 2223,70%265 4642,90%235 0612,60%
Guy Vincent*490 0005,30%490 0005,30%490 0005,30%
dont Marc de Sereys*358 9723,90%319 4363,50%313 9603,40%
dont Geneviève Boreil, Hubert Fournier* 229 7962,50%214 3962,30%214 3962,30%
Investisseurs institutionnels 4 459 87248,50%4 519 52849,10%4 474 469 48,60%
Investmentaktiengesellschaft für langfristige Investoren TGV827 6689,00%827 6689,00%827 6689,00%
Crédit Mutuel Equity629 9066,80%629 9066,90%629 906 6,90%
Autres investisseurs français1 587 78517,30%1 479 53616,00%1 241 563 13,40%
Autres investisseurs étrangers1 414 93315,40%1 582 41817,20%1 334 458 14,50%
TOTAL GÉNÉRAL9 200 849100%9 200 849100%9 200 849 100%

Capital owned by employees. * Not bound by any shareholder pact. Guy Vincent, Marc de Sereys, Geneviève Boreil and Hubert Fournier are four of five Thermador Founders.

Following the distribution of the free shares (refer to the fourteenth resolution of the General Meeting of 4 April 2021), Thermador Groupe owns only 136 of its own shares as at 29 July 2023.



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