Listing : identification of the Thermador Groupe share

Code ISIN FR0013333432
Mnemonic code THEP
Number of shares 9,200,849
Capital €36,803,396
Listing on the stock exchange June 24, 1987
Regulated market EURONEXT Paris
Classification S.R.D.
Nominal value €4
Annual reporting date December 31
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The Thermador Groupe share appears in the CAC ALL SHARE and ENT PEA PME 150.

We are currently listed on EURONEXT Paris in compartment B and accepted by the S.R.D.*

* Since 2008, we have been included in the Service de Règlement Différé which allows shareholders to pay for their transactions on Thermador stock at the end of the month. We would remind you that compartment B includes shares in companies whose stock market capitalization value is between €150m and €1,000m.

The Thermador Groupe share was listed on the stock exchange on June 24, 1987 at 240 french francs, I.E., €2.99 according to the €/FF exchange rate and taking into account the different free share distributions made since then.

Stock exchange


Reminder of dividends over the last three financial years.Reminder of dividends over the last three financial years.
Reminder of dividends over the last three financial years.
In eurosDividend per shareTotal amount


For 2021, we propose a dividend of €2.00 per share. This represents 34.8% of consolidated net profit.

On the basis of the average 2021 price (€88.90), the yield is 2.25%.

Dividend detachment : April 12, 2022

Payment of dividends : April 14, 2022


Breakdown of capital

Number of shareholders201920202021
Board members7 7 7
Employees 109126109
Retired employees and former employees454048
Retired CEOs224
Family of founders29 29 25
French investors165 130 193
Foreign investors68 66 103
Individual shareholders6,106 6,695 7,795
Total 6,551 7,116 8,339

We have an exceptionally high number of private shareholders for a company of our size: nearly 7,795 people who represent 40.9% of capital.

In 2021, 2,841 new shareholders joined us and 1,618 left (temporarily perhaps...).

Following the capital increase reserved for employees (12th resolution of the 2019 Shareholders’ Meeting), the proportion of capital held by employees and retired employees reached 7%. We are maintaining our objective of reaching the symbolic milestone of 8% of capital in the hands of employees and retired employees.

There is no family link between the founders (Guy Vincent, Jacques Borde, Geneviève Boreil, Hubert Fournier and Marc de Sereys) and the current directors.

The use of the TPI procedure (identifiable bearer share) must be authorised by an Extraordinary General Meeting. The Extraordinary General Meeting of June 27, 1988 gave us this authorisation, and it was incorporated into the company’s by-laws. This means that by approaching the centralising body EUROCLEAR we can – at a cost – obtain the name, address and shareholding of every French shareholder.

The number of shares was closed on December 30, 2020. No substantial variation was observed in terms of registered shares between December 30 and December 31, 2020.

The AGM of April 4, 2016 opted for the principle of one share, one vote. On December 31, 2018, 2019 and 2020, capital and voting rights percentages were identical.

To the company’s knowledge, no other shareholder than those mentioned above has a shareholding greater than 5%.

2020 milestones:
Guy Vincent, founder of Thermador, resigned from the Board on January 28, 2020. Quite naturally, he joined the group of private shareholders.

The share of institutional investors decreased in favour of that of private shareholders, which peaked at 39.8%.

Finally, the Thermador Groupe FCPE (mutual fund) increased by 0.8% following the increase in capital reserved for employees. Thus, managers and staff, the FCPE, retired employees and former employees now account for 9% of the capital.

Breakdown of shares and voting rights

The figures are from identifiable shareholder data requests made on November 29, 2019, November 30, 2020 and November 30, 2021.

Number of shares heldCapital / Voting
rights %
Number of shares heldCapital / Voting
rights %
Number of shares heldCapital / Voting
rights %
Executives, Board members and personnel1,732,49219.0%1,285,69014.0%977,34510.6%
Board member CEOs224,0622.5%227,0512.5%161,8771.8%
Board members not free of interests630NS **430NS **430NS **
Independent Board members2,482NS **2,783NS **3,089NS **
Non-Board member CEOs612,9636.7%621,0966.8%397,8584.3%
Managers and employees153,6671.7%111,1301.2%108,5911.2%
FCP Thermador Groupe (mutual fund)250,0002.7%322,0003.5%302,5003.3%
Thermador Groupe owning its own shares1,200NS **1,200NS **3,000NS **
Individual shareholders3,073,49433.7%3,664,72039.8%3,763,63240.9%
Including retired employees and former employees255,0232.8%257,4242.8%232,3982.5%
Including former executives*136,5471,5%135,3071.5%342,2223.7%
Including Guy Vincent*487,4885.4%490,0005.3%490,0005.3%
Including Marc de Sereys*353,5163.9%353,5163.8%358,9723.9%
Including Geneviève Boreil and Hubert Fournier*244,1202.7%230,262.5%229,7962.5%
Institutional investors4,303,76647.3%4,250,439 46.2%4,459,87248.5%
Investmentaktiengesellschaft für langfristige Investoren TGV827,6689.1%827,668 9.0%827,6689.0%
Crédit Mutuel Equity518,2025.7%629,9066.9%629,9066.8%
Other French investors1,613,72617.7%1,630,48717.7%1,587,78517.3%
Other foreign investors1,344,17014.8%1,162,37812.6%1,414,93315.4%
OVERALL TOTAL9,109,752 100% 9,200,849 100% 9,200,849100%

Capital owned by employees. * Not bound by any shareholder pact. Guy Vincent, Marc de Sereys, Geneviève Boreil and Hubert Fournier are four of five Thermador Founders.

** NS: Non Significant.


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