Organisation chart


We are sometimes asked about the pertinence of our organisation chart, which shows that we have as many management teams as we have subsidiaries. Is this not overly expensive?

We think, on the contrary, that the efficiencies achieved by  these small, specialised and highly motivated teams are a source of productivity and savings.

The 14 Chairmen and CEOs, CEOs and Managing partners of the subsidiaries do have maximum freedom to develop their entities, with support from Thermador Groupe for the financial, property and IT resources they need. They work very closely with the field, and have many years’ experience in the group, with in-depth knowledge of their market sectors.

Guillaume Robin works day-to-day with Jean-François Bonnefond and Patricia Mavigner to lead the group.

Twice a month, the CEOs, members of the executive committee, meet for lunch to discuss hot topics. Twice a year, they dedicate one day off-site to think about and exchange views on strategy and organisation.

Strategy and options available to us are devised in collaborative mode so as to obtain total buy-in and real operational efficiency when decisions are taken.

Finally, each February, eighty managers and supervisors from the group meet to attend “issues and projects” presentations from each subsidiary. The audience is then invited to ask subsidiary CEOs questions about their visions, their analyses, their decisions and their forecasts. The Board members and the statutory auditors are also involved in this working day.