Organisation chart

People sometimes ask us about the suitability of our organisation chart, which depicts as many management teams as subsidiaries. Is this not overly-expensive, they ask?

We believe, on the contrary, that the proven efficiency of small, specialised and highly-motivated groups is a source of productivity and savings.

The 18 Chairman & CEOs, management teams of subsidiaries indeed do have maximum freedom to develop their companies, benefiting from the support of Thermador Groupe which provides them with the financial, real estate and IT resources they need. They are in very close touch with the market, have numerous years of experience in the group and in-depth knowledge of their professions.

Day-to-day, Guillaume Robin relies on Jean-François Bonnefond and Patricia Mavigner to manage the group.

Twice per month, the managers get together during executive Committee lunches to talk about group news from the group. Twice a year, they spend one or two days together offsite to reflect on and discuss our objectives, strategy, implementation, environment, issues and organisation.

The strategy and possible options are written in collaborative mode so as to obtain total buy-in and heightened operational efficiency when decisions are taken.

We meet with 112 managers and supervisors from the group in February at the ‘Objectives, Strategies, Projects and Challenges’ presentations made by each subsidiary. The audience – 35.7% women – is then invited to question the subsidiary managers on their visions, analyses, decisions and forecasts. The Board members and auditors are also involved in these events.

Finally, the Comex members run transversal groups per market (construction, industry and DIY) and per function, in which managers and supervisors from all the group’s companies can intervene.