Relationship with our shareholders

Institutional investors

To meet our investors (46.2% of capital), we attend investor shows each year, with an average of ten interviews per day.

• 2 days at the Forum Oddo Midcap in January in Lyon.
• 1 SFAF meeting for the publication of the annual results.
• 1 digital roadshow with CM-CIC Market solutions in May.
• 1 SFAF meeting in September for the publication of the half-yearly results.
• 1 day at investors forum of Lyon Pôle Bourse in September.
• 2 days with Midcap Events in October in Paris.
• 1/2 day at the ESG Next’up Ethifinance digital forum in October in Paris.

Throughout the year, we have numerous contacts by telephone, face-to-face or during roadshows organised for the most part in Paris. Investors are particularly attracted to the simple and direct contact that they can have with the Chairman and CEO and the Deputy CEO, responsible for finance.

Furthermore, our communications on LinkedIn and Twitter are increasingly followed.

Individual shareholders

All shareholders with at least one share receive the annual report, letters to shareholders and our invitation to the Annual General Meeting.

To our knowledge, we are one of the few companies to do so. This practice has resulted in us having a growing number of individual shareholders (6,695 at the December 2020 TPI) who represent 39.8% of our capital (the average for companies listed on the Stock Exchange is under 10%).

Actionaria show

Each November, at the Palais des Congrès, Porte Maillot in Paris, we have a stand at the Actionaria show, which allows us to meet hundreds of our shareholders from the Paris area and get ourselves known to increase our spread of shareholders. Unfortunately, it was completely called off in 2020 due to the Covid-19 crisis. We are determined to bounce back in 2021!

observatoire des actionnaires d’avenir

We are involved in this workgroup alongside Air Liquide, Axa, Edenred, Engie, Korian, L’Oréal, Suez and Wavestone.
The Observatoire des Actionnaires d’Avenir (OAA) works to promote individual and employee shareholding with the long-term idea of redirecting French savings towards the national production system, to help keep decision-making centres in France.

Partnership with F2iC

In partnership with F2IC (a Federation of Individual Investors and Investment Clubs), we met 469 individual shareholders in Rennes and in Toulouse in June 2019. Many discovered our company for the first time.

64% of participants handed in a feedback questionnaire, 46% of whom declared that they were intending to purchase Thermador Groupe shares.

We particularly thank Air Liquide, BIC and LISI Group who kindly agreed to share these two meetings with us.

Fédération des Investisseurs Individuels et des Clubs d'investissement

Retired employees and former employees

They hold 9.0% of capital, directly or via Thermador Groupe FCPE (mutual fund). Signatories of a stock exchange charter, they can only intervene on the market 4 times per year during the trading windows of 3 weeks further to the publication of turnover (1st and 3rd quarter) and results (1st half and annual results).

In 2017, we took the initiative of inviting them to a pre-AGM meeting to take the time to explain the workings of governance, the role of independent Board members and the resolutions tabled. This meeting with all the employees took place again in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

During the first lockdown, we organised a distance-learning course given by the Ecole de la Bourse: ‘The keys to effective investment in shares’.

Traditionally, shareholder employees are good AGM attendees. There were around 103 of them at the 2020 digital edition.

Retired and former employees often remain shareholders. A lot are also present at the AGM. They own 4.3% of share capital.

Increase in capital reserved for employees
Despite the extremely worrisome context and a highly volatile share price, Thermador Groupe’s employees fully bought into the increase in capital reserved for them under the ‘collective management’ process (authorisation given by the AGM on April 8, 2019). As a result, 91,098 Thermador Groupe shares (1% of the capital) were created on April 27, 2020 and added to the Thermador Groupe FCPE (mutual fund), which owned 3.3% of the capital at December 31, 2020.

Development of one part of the Thermador Groupe's collective employee shareholding plan